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150K donation for the advancement of minorities in the workplace.


150K donation for the advancement of minorities in the workplace

November 29, 2022

Roderick McClure is an accomplished business owner and philanthropist with over 15 years of experience serving as a CEO.

He has also had a successful corporate career with several Fortune 500 companies, including Pitney Bowes and Minolta Corporation.

He also served as a founding Senior Pastor for Power In Christ Ministries for 11 years.

Atlanta, Ga – On November 29, 2022, Millennial Bridge was awarded $150,000 by philanthropist Roderick McClure. McClure founded Millennial Bridge with one goal in mind – to defeat underemployment.

“The well-being of any society depends on each successive generation’s ability to contribute to the common good. If the underemployment rate among minorities does not improve, the negative impact will affect all communities. One of the greatest threats facing the black community is underemployment, with 60% of those with college degrees currently underemployed,” says founder McClure.

The organization is crafting a one-stop-shop modern tech-enabled platform that will bridge the gap between underemployed minorities and meaningful employment opportunities by providing exclusive access to some of the top employers in the country seeking diverse talent.

Millennial Bridge plans to use the donation to craft programs for recent graduates, minorities looking to level up in their careers, and individuals looking to transition to a new industry. For more information, visit

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